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Vinton County
Rabies Clinics


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Vinton County

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   Humane Society

The Vinton County Animal Shelter is now open for adoption visitation times:.  

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday-5 pm to 8 pm

Wednesday-8 am to 5 pm

There is a $25.00 fee payable to the Vinton County Auditor for adoption of the dogs for those residing outside of Vinton County. For those adopting within Vinton County, there is an extra charge of  $5.00 for the  Vinton County Dog registration for a total of $30.00.

(Fees will have to be paid to the Vinton County Auditor at the courthouse before dogs can be taken home)


We need your help! Please mail donations to: Vinton County Humane Society-C/O Peggy Schroeder-59677 Mt Olive Rd, Mcarthur, Ohio; 45651 .... We also need blankets, bones, dog food, ceramic bowls, leashes and other pet items!Please visit these shelters and consider saving these dogs' lives.

We're located in southeastern Ohio, near the town of McArthur.

It's about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Columbus and 2 1/2 hours from Cincinnati.

Hours and times change, please call Peggy first at (740) 596-4822 if you want to meet an adoptable dog!


 AG00184_.gif (21117 bytes)    Puppies

Carly Jo is a female black/lab mix about 6 months old.  She has lots of energy but appreciates attention.  She is crate trained and working on the housebroken thing.  She was pulled from the Vinton County pound after 3 weeks in a small cage so she has lots of exploring to do. If you are interested in this nice pup call Stephanie 740-596-8235 or email

AG00184_.gif (21117 bytes)        Adult Dogs

Meet Babe, the dog, a female, spayed, beagle mix, 4 years old.  She was rescued from a chain, tied to a tree without shelter. She was miserable and barked all the time.  She is a wonderful house dog, bonds easily and wants to be everywhere you are. She is enjoying the comforts of a warm house and plenty of attention. She has a bit of separation anxiety but is not destructive. Babe just whines until you come back. She would enjoy a home with an older person or someone who is home alot. She likes to ride in cars and enjoys being outside as long as you are with her. She is a bit overweight, but then aren't we all! please call stepahnie 740-596-8235 or email  for more info.


This is Sadie, a 14 year old black Cocker Spaniel who needs a special home. This beautiful dog has been outdoors but may be housebroken. Sadie is a very affectionate dog who enjoys being petted all over and would really like to be an inside dog so she's not so cold in winter. She may also sit and come if she's not too excited to see you. Although Sadie is an older dog, she would make someone a very sweet companion. For information about Sadie, please contact her caretaker, Kim, at (740) 698-9705 in Athens.
What a clown! This is Sasha, a female Cocker Spaniel that is 8 years old. And boy, is she lovable. If you scratch her in just the right place, she'll love you for life. Sasha has been tied outside but is small enough to make a great inside buddy. She is very gentle and outgoing and would just love to go home with you!For information about Sasha, please contact her caretaker, Kim, at (740) 698-9705 in Athens.

Meet Buck-a-roo..a dog with a tale to tell.  He lived for over a year at the Vinton County pound, (a kill shelter) because he sucked up to the warden. He never saw the light of day though, and the first time he was taken outside(about a month ago) he bounced with glee and wrapped his paws around his rescuer and wouldn't stop hugging her.  Stephanies Lab.JPG (8616 bytes)We sprung him and put him in foster care and now he is ready for a very special 'forever home.  His most favorite thing, so far, is riding in cars and more hugging.  He's a 70lb. black lab/mix. great with all animals, including cats and pot-belly pigs...a little less tolerant to other male dogs. We would prefer to place him as an only male dog, with an owner that has a dog worthy car!  I also think he would make a great therapy dog.  call stephanie 740-596-8235..for further storys about Bucky.
Sasha FAce.jpg (14581 bytes) Jazzy and is being fostered by Kelly Gambill 596-1724  She is a wonderful, housebroken, gentle girl. Jazzy is soon to be spayed and ready for a forever home.  She gets along great with all other animals and knows basic commands. 
blue.JPG (5899 bytes)This guy's name is Travis Blue.  He is in a hound dog
suit, but is not 'houndy' at all.  He stays close to home and is looking for
a 'forever' home with  someone who has a few chores every day that he can
help with...go check the cows or pick some flowers.  He is 5 years old and
has spent his whole life tied to a dog box but now is a wonderful,
housebroken gentleman and has learned about the affection that
humans are capable of.  Do you know anyone that needs a faithful and quiet
companion? Please call stephanie 740-596-8235 or email

Okay, okay! For all you cat people complaining we didn't have any cats to show-Here's some just for you!

If you like cats, you'll just love these beautiful Persians needing homes. A little bit shy, they may need some extra loving attention. Like big, fuzzy  furballs, these are some of the prettiest cats I have ever seen!
For information about these cats, please contact their caretaker, Kim, at (740) 698-9705 in Athens.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of these animals or simply need more info on available dogs, please contact:

Carly Fisher 596-1800 (

Peggy at 740-596-482

Melissa (740) 596-9475

or Stephanie at (740) 596-8235

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We've been adopted!

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Katie                                          Happy                                        Sonny                                   Joey

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Lady                                                                             Molly                                    Foxy



Disclaimer: The animals on this page are not guaranteed to be at the shelter. Please call the shelter to verify that they are still available. When you adopt a dog from the Vinton Pound, you will want to have them checked because most have only just arrived here recently.